Amautiga + Anouapik Collaboration


This is the first time I am collaborating with someone and I am so happy it is with Ujarak. All the pieces are inspired by the akuk - the tail of the Amauti (traditional baby carrier garment) which obviously so, symbolizes motherhood and parenthood. When Ujarak ran the idea by me, I thought her designs were really fitting for us because, not only does Ujarak make amautiit, but we have become friends through our conversations about the ups and downs in the joys of motherhood and this is what the collection is all about, to celebrate and to honour the mothers in our lives.

The shape and the colour schemes are all her ideas. She gave me a lot of creative freedom so there are some hints of Anouapik in the pieces, but I really tried to bring what Ujarak articulated and what she imagined into life.